Episode 41

Is There a Healthy Microbiome? with Fergus Shanahan, MD

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Is There a Healthy Microbiome?

In this podcast with one of the pioneers and thought leaders in the field of gut microbiome research, Dr. Shanahan is addressing crucial questions about a healthy microbiome, and gives some unexpected answers:

  1. What is a healthy and a normal gut microbiome?
  2. Are today’s clinical microbiome tests useful?
  3. What happens with the gut microbiome when people undergo changes in their lifestyles and move to different regions in the world?
  4. What does the Irish Traveler population teach us about our own microbiome?


Dr. Fergus Shanahan, is a gastroenterologist and has been a pioneer and thought leader in the area of the gut microbiome, and Founder and longtime director of the Alimentary Pharmacobiotic Center in Cork, Ireland, which he has built into the largest microbiome research center in the world. Dr. Shanahan has an unparalleled knowledge not only of the microbiome science but also of its clinical implications.